DEBORAH JONES: The mother of the seven (7) year old deceased "Maurice 'Little Marty' Jones", gave a statement to Philadelphia District Attorney Investigator's, the day before the start of trial, which was six (6) months after the shooting incident of August 26, 1982. She was the very first witness whom ADA Roger King presented in his case-in-chief.

"Deborah Jones" trial testimony was that, "On August 26, 1982, during the evening hours, she was visiting her neice "Sylvia Edwards" whom lived in the 800 block of Warnock Place. While in the window of her neice's apartment, along with her heice, she noticed "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" along with two (2) other males, walk into the courtyard of the projects, walk up to the front of the clothes yard on the inside corner between Reno & Warnock Place, and begin shooting in an eastern direction, then turn around and run out of the courtyard the same way they entered. Moments later, her daughter (Taconya) entered the apartment of her neice and informed her that her son had been shot. She immediately ran outside and witnessed a female police officer running to a police wagon with her son in her arms, where she entered along with the female police officer, where she was driven to the hospital along with her son. When asked by ADA Roger King during direct testimony, why she had waited until the week of the trial before telling anyone what she allegedly witnessed, Deborah Jones replied, 'Nobody Asked Me'. (See: Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Article Dated March 19, 1983 at Page B-3) (This is Exhibit 1-A)

As we begin to explore synopsis of these prosecution witnesses trial testimony, you will also be introduced to other prosecution witnesses who also testified at the trial, who were in the same position to observe the shooting and shooter's, who all knew "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" and who sworn trial testimony was that, they did not see "Isaiah 'Button" Givens" in or around the area of the shooting, prior to, during or after the shooting, nor as a participant of the shooting. As well, for the first time, which was not produced at trial, is documented evidence of each of the witnesses giving perjury testimony. How the witnesses who testified against "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", not for the truth to be told, but for incentives such as city-owned homes under the auspices of relocation, and having their criminal charges taken care of by the same District Attorney's Office which was prosecuting "Isaiah 'Button' Givens".You will learn how ADA Roger King solicited testimony from one witness who he knew would be testifying against "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" under an alias name which ADA Roger King encouraged him to use. This information will 'shock the conscious' how an innocent man was falsely accused and unjustly convicted.

The name of the five (5) prosecution eye-witnesses who testified against "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" are as follows:  Deborah Jones, Sylvester (Chip) Williams, Tyrina Thompson, Latifa Jones, and Taconya Jones.

As well, ADA Roger King presented four (4) rebuttal witnesses after "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" defense rested, who were as follows:


     The trial began on or about March 14, 1983, in the Common Pleas Court of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before the late Honorable Robert A Latrone. The Commonwealth was represented by "Assistant District Attorney 'Roger E. King'" (Hereinafter "ADA Roger King"), who produced over ninety (90) prosecution witnesses before a 'Death Penalty Qualified Jury'.

     Specifically against "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", ADA Roger King presented five (5) prosecution eye-witnesses against him, as well as four (4) prosecution rebuttal witnesses.

     ADA Roger King's contention before the death penalty qualified jury was that:

     On August 25, 1982, "Sylvester 'Chip' Williams" robbed one "Ernest 'Fat Ernie' Wright" of his money from the sales of drugs, and informed "Ernest 'Fat Ernie' Wright" that he could not sell drugs in or around the Richard Allan Homes Projects. That later on that day, "Sylvester 'Chip' Williams" encountered "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" who assured "Sylvester 'Chip' Williams" that he could expect no retaliation acts upon himself from his co-defendants or himself because of said robbery of "Ernest 'Fat Ernie' Wright" drug proceeds.

     Nevertheless, at or about 6:30 p.m. on August 26, 1982, it is alleged that, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", along with his two (2) co-defendants, each carrying concealed weapons, entered the crowded courtyard of Richard Allan Homes Projects, where "Sylvester 'Chip' Williams" was lounging about, brandished their guns and begun shooting in the direction of "Sylvester 'Chip' Williams", whom in turn, ran into a casual crowd of individuals mulling about within the courtyard, whom he (Sylvester 'Chip' Williams) used as human shields from the rapid fuselage of gun shots being discharged at him, which caused the deaths and woundings of innocent bystanders.

     As a teenager growing up in a public housing complex, he was your average teenager, with the worst being engaged in minor non-weaponry scuffles at the most. As an adult, prior to his arrest for this homicide case, he had no adult convictions within the Common Pleas Court of Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania.

     On September 4, 1982, after receiving communication from his Mother that, two (2) Philadelphia Homicide Detectives had visited her residence with an arrest warrant for "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" in regards to the August 26, 1982 shooting inside of Richard Allan Homes Projects, he and his family immediately contacted his family attorney at the time, 'Salvatore J. Cucinotts, Esquire' to appear before the Philadelphia Police Administration Building in response to the arrest warrant, because he was innocent of any involvement or participation in the event of August 26, 1982 inside of Richard Allan Homes Projects.

     After reporting to the Philadelphia Police Administration Building, in the company of 'Salvatore J. Cucinotta, Esquire', he along with his attorney were escorted to the 'Homicide Division Unit Interrogation Room' on the second (2nd) floor, at which time, 'Salvatore J. Cucinotta, Esquire', announced to the investigating Philadelphia Homicide Detectives within the interrogation room that:

     His client advised him that he had no personal knowledge of the events which occured on August 26, 1982 within the Richard Allan Homes Projects, and extends his deepest condolences to the families whom had lost loved ones because of this unfortunate event, but he was pleading the 5th due to having no personal knowledge of the shooting or anyone who may participated in such.

     A warrant was then obtained and shown to 'Salvatore J. Cucinotta, Esquire', and "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was formally arrested and charged with two (2) counts of general murder, six (6) counts of attempted murder, conspiracy and related charges.

     Based upon subliminal thoughts and everyday indoctrinations, right and wrong in this country is determined by consesus. Circumstances and power to dictate one's will. But the truth is absolute, not subject to approval or acceptance, but self-sustaining, final, unchanging, natural and provable in no limit of time. Falsehood and opinions are natural antagonist of the truth. For falsehood and opinion on occasions have been accepted as the truth by the multitudes.

     For over two (2) decades, the truth which finds itself amongst discussion's, even today, within the "Richard Allen Homes Projects" and neighborhoods throughout the inner-city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is regarding one of the most atrocious in-human acts ever inflicted in a civilized society, upon one of its citizens in the city of brotherly love, which occurred on May 19, 1983, when "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", after being falsely accused during a joint jury trial, along with co-defendants 'Damon Jones' and 'Portie A. Robertson', while before the Common Pleas Court of Philadelphia County, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was unjustly convicted, and a term of life imprisonment imposed upon hiim, regarding the infamous "August 26, 1982-Richard Allen Homes Projects Shooting Spree", which brought about the accidental deaths of "seven (7) year old Maurice 'Little Marty' Jones and twenty-seven (27) year old Reginald (Robot) Hines" and the wounding of six (6) others, namely:  Vaughn Carter, Nassia Ford, Andrew Gilmer, Ronald (Otto) Green, and Barry Williams.

     Although "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was convicted along with "Damon Jones" (who received the death penalty based upon being convicted of a prior homicide) and "Portie A. Robertson" (who was sentenced to a term of life imprisonment), the family and friends of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", in all fairness to the two (2) co-defendants mentioned, will redact their names from any further mentioning, due to "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", his family and friends, in the pursuit of his freedom and innocence, lack any personal knowledge regarding the co-defendants whereabouts or actions on the date of August 26, 1982.


    "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was born and raised inside of "Richard Allen Homes Projects", in which his grandmother, the late 'Naomi Cain', along with her daughter Joyce (Joy) and three (3) sons, Daniel, Jerome & Lawrence (Larry), first moved into the housing authority complex of 1101-C Parrish Place back in 1946, which subsequently, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" continued to live along with his girlfriend who became his fiance' (Sabrina Hall) until his conviction, while his Mother (Joyce B. Cain-Givens) and his other siblings resided at 1034 Cambridge Mall which at the time was located between Poplar Street and Girard Avenue, north on 11th Street.

     Growing up in "Richard Allen Homes Projects", "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" participated as a youth in the social programming of the housing authority complex. He was a proud member of the "Richard Allen Drill Team" which practiced in the main center yard between Warnock & Alder Place, which boarded between Reno & Parrish Place of the complex and they participated in many of the major parades stepping. Dances at the "Richard Allen Center" and other programming, as well as 'Summer Camp' each summer at the 9th & Poplar Street Playground in which he represented the "Northern Liberties Recreation Center", located between 3rd & 4th Streets on Fairmount Avenue.

     Education wise, he was reared in Philadelphia Public School System and Phoenixville Pennsylvania Parochial School System, which he eventually dropped out of in the 11th grade. (He has since went on and acquired his GED & College Associate Degree in Economics while incarcerated.)


     On August 26, 1982, "Deborah Jones" gave a newspaper interview to Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writers at that time, namely David Lee Preston & John Nielson, in which she informed the said reporters that:

     "Deborah Jones, 30, the dead boy's mother told a reporter that she was visiting her neice in the 800 block of Warnock Place while her son was playing outside. 'I heard shots and ran out to call him and he was laying on the ground shot in the head.' Ms. Jones said tearfully in her second floor apartment. "There were three boys who ran past us. I don't know if they were connected to the shooting or not."  (See: Exhibit 1B-August 27, 1982, Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper at Page 12-A)

     Evenmoreso, "Sylvia Edwards" the neice of "Deborah Jones" and the third floor apartment "Deborah Jones" was visiting in the 800 block of Warnock Place inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects on August 26, 1982, and testified at trial that she was in her third floor window along with her aunt "Deborah Jones". "Sylvia Edwards" informed police after the shooting, that she seen the three individuals shooting, and she named the individuals whom she seen shooting and involved with the death of her little cousin, "Maurice 'Little Marty' Jones". "Sylvia Edwards" did not identify "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" as being one of the individuals shooting and nor did she see him before, during or after the shooting. That if she seen "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", whom she knew, shooting on said date, she would say so. (See Exhibit 1C-Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper Article Dated Wednesday, March 23, 1983 at Page 6. Synopsis of Sylvia Edwards Trial testimony)


     On March 16, 1983, "Deborah Jones", gave an interview to then, Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper Staff Writer "Linn Washington". Her interview was based upon the Philadelphia Housing Authority Officials reneged on a promise to find her better housing, after moving her and her family out of Richard Allen Homes Projects in the aftermath of the death of her son, to protect her and her family from being harassed, and had moved her, her two (2) daughters and her infant grand-daughter to another public housing projects in West Philadelphia, which she compalined that the unit she was currently placed in, was too cramped for her and her family, and that Philadelphia Housing Authority Officials had informed her at that time, after she complained to them regarding her and her family having to live in such a cramp unit, that it would be a two (2) year wait until she and her family could be relocated to a bigger unit. (See: Exhibit 1D-Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper Article Dated March 17, 1983 at Page 15)

     On March 18, 1983, Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper Staff Writer "Linn Washington" published an article which the headline read, "SLAIN BOY'S MOM TO GET NEW HOME". (See: Exhibit 1E-Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper Article Dated march 18, 1983 at Page 13)

     Incidentally or coincidentally, "Deborah Jones" during the same week of March 16, 1983, gave her interview to Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper Staff Writer "Linn Washington" complaining that Philadelphia Housing Authority Officials reneged on their promise to relocate her from the cramped unit she and her family were transferred to in the aftermath of the shooting to protect her from harassment. This is the same week that "Deborah Jones" first gave her statement to police concerning whom she seen shooting and murder her son, which was six (6) months after the shooting occurrence.

     On March 17, 1983, the Philadelphia Housing Authority Officials announce that "Deborah Jones" and her family would be getting a new home, which was published in the Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper on March 18, 1983 at Page 13.

     On March 18, 1983, "Deborah Jones" is the prosecution first witness presented, and she identifies "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" as one of the individuals whom she seen shooting six (6) previously when her son was murdered. That she never said anything until the week of the trial, because no one had asked her what she say.

     Was "Deborah Jones" trial testimony against "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", circumstances and power to dictate one's will?

     Let's be realistic. "What mother on this planet we call earth, watches a shooting occur and moments later, learn that her son, seven (7) year old son, has been shot in the head and subsequently dies, and the mother knows the individuals whom she seen shooting and involved in her son's murder, and does not say anything for six (6) months. She gives a statement a couple days before the start of the trial, while the defendant is picking a jury,, and at the same time, she uses the media to help her obtain better housing. Once she receives a promise from the Philadelphia Housing Authority Officials and other City Officials that she will be receiving a 'new home', not an apartment, the very next day she takes the stand and identifies an innocent man whose name she cannot pronounce correctly when identifying him while under oath on the stand at trial. Then, while still under oath, when asked why did she take so long to come forward with the information of what she allegedly witnessed concerning her son's death until the week of the beginning of the trial, her only response was that, 'NO ONE ASKED ME WHAT I SAW".

     There is no mother in this world who sees a shooting occur and learn moments later that the individuals who she witnessed doing the shooting and whom she knew, murdered her son, no one would have to ask her who murdered her child, because she is going to let the world know who did such in her attempt to seek justice for her son.

     Did "Deborah Jones" lie on "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" at the behest of ADA Roger King to enable her to get the assistance she needed to acquire a new home which the city gave her located at 5331 Parrish Street to falsely accuse "Isaiah 'Button' Givens"?

     How could "Deborah Jones" and her neice "Sylvia Edwards" who was twenty-five (25) years old at the time of the incident, both be looking out of the same third floor window in the 800 block of Warnock Place, and not both see the same three (3) individuals shooting? "Sylvia Edwards" trial testimony was that it was three (3) individuals shooting, but "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was not amongst this group of individuals shooting or in the area, before, during or after the shooting?

     However, "Deborah Jones" informed everyone in her newspaper interview of August 26, 1982, which was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper on Augst 27, 1982 on Page 12A, that:

     "Deborah Jones" newspaper interview subsequently after the shooting, was that "She Heard Shots". She didn't say she seen anyone shooting. That she heard shots. Furthermore, she also said then, which was published in the newspaper article dated August 27, 1982, that, "There were three boys who ran past us. I don't know if they were connected to the shooting or not" and then six (6) months later, "Deborah Jones" lies and says that she seen "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" as one of the individuals shooting on August 26, 1982?

     Not long ago, "Donald 'Black Pie' Hines", the brother of the deceased in the August 26, 1982 shooting of "Reginald 'Robot' Hines visited the residence of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" mother "Joy Givens". "Donald 'Black Pie' Hines" apologized to "Joy Givens" for taking so long to come before her, but, he was there because he wanted her to know that her son "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" had nothing to do with the death of his brother "Reginald 'Robot' Givens" and that "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was not in the projects shooting on August 26, 1982. That he (Donald 'Black Pie' Hines) is willing to help "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" to get out of jail for a crime that he did not commit.

     Had this information regarding "Deborah Jones" published newspaper interviews dated August 27, 1982; March 17, 1983 & March 18, 1983, were introduced to the jury while "Deborah Jones" was on the stand and the Newspaper Staff writers were subpoenaed to authenticate writing the newspaper articles, what do you think a jury would have believed? None of the newspaper articles were ever presented in a court of law and the newspaper writers whereabouts are unknown. If you or anyone know of the named newspaper staff writers whereabouts, please e-mail:

Justice is not being served with the imprisonment of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", an innocent man who has been falsely accused and unjustly convicted for a crime in which he did not commit nor participate in unequivocally.