Was a witness for the prosecution. Her statement and trial testimony was that:

     During the evening of August 26, 1982, she was sitting on her bike while talking to a male acquaintance on the corner of 12th & Parrish Streets, when three (3) males came around the corner running, and one (1) of the males ran into her and knocked her down and dropped a big silver gun. That he picked up the gun and the three (3) males continued running west on Parrish Street to 13th Street, where they entered into a car almost at the top of 13th & Parrish Street and sped off.

     "Tyrina Thompson" at a hearing for one (1) of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" co-defendants, identified the co-defendant as the individual who had knocked her down and had dropped the big silver gun. That she could not identify the other two (2) males who were with him. At trial, her testimony was that, it was "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" who had knocked her down and had dropped the big silver gun." (See: Exhibit 6-A Philadelphia Daily News Paper Article of September 10, 1982)

     Merely two (2) weeks after the August 26, 1982 shooting inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects, "Tyrina Thompson" gave an interview to Philadelphia Daily News Staff Writer Linn Washington which was published on Friday, September 10, 1982, on Page 3, of the Philadelphia Daily News, in which she complained of being harassed by a sister of one of the assailants who lived nearby, and that for months the Philadelphia Housing Authority has refused to fix the lock on her door, and how she had to put a chair against her door at night so that she could hear if someone was trying to get into her bedroom. (See: Read Exhibit 6-A)

     On March 13, 1983, at a hearing before the trial court, "Tyrina Thompson" informed the court that during a brief recess, she was in the bathroom in which the sister of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" sister "Icealinda" was utilizing on the same floor as the court room was on, and "Tyrina Thompson" claimed that "Icealinda Givens" had both threaten and harassed her at this time. The Judge at this hearing, brought "Icealinda Givens" before the bar of the court and informed her not to harass or pester the witnesses, and barred her from the rest of the trial proceedings. (See: Exhibit 6-B Philadelphia Daily Newspaper Article of March 16, 1983-"JUDGE: DON'T HARASS OR PESTER WITNESSES")

     "Tyrina Thompson" at the trial during her direct testimony when questioned by Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King, testified that, it was "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" who knocked her down and had a big silver gun. After her direct trial testimony, cross-examination began by the trial attorney of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens". "Tyrina Thompson" became belligerent and defiant in her response of questions to her. When "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" trial attorney requested for "Tyrina Thompson" to read excerpts from her statement which she gave to police, which had differed from her trial testimony. "Tyrina Thompson" started hyperventilating while on the stand, never reading any of the requested excerpts from her statement as requested, and she was immediately rushed to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for medical evaluation. While at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for medical evaluation, "Tyrina Thompson" left the hospital unexpectingly and disappeared while still under oath. Days later, she was found by officers of the Philadelphia Housing Authority and brought back into court. Prior to her being found and brought back into court days later, Doctor's who had examined "Tyrina Thompson" while she was at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, outside of the presence of the jury, testified that "Tyrina Thompson" had suffered an anxiety attack while being cross-examined by the attorney of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was due to her suffering from "alcohol and sedative abuse", and that while at the hospital, the Doctor had put her on "Librium" to lesson her withdrawal. (See: Exhibit 6-C-Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Article of Staff Writer Maida Odom, dated May 11, 1983, Page B-7)

     When "Tyrina Thompson" resumed her trial testimony under cross-examination on May 10, 1983, she denied using sedatives, stating that she only took pills for her blood pressure, and those were the only pills she takes. When asked about the inconsistencies in her statement, her preliminary hearing testimony of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" co-defendant and her trial testimony, "Tyrina Thompson" response was, "I was upset and I don't know. You know an upset person can't remember everything at one time. You understand?" (See: Read Exhibit 6-C)

     When "Tyrina Thompson" was asked the name of the male acquaintance who she was speaking with on August 26, 1982, while on her bike at the corner of 12th & Parrish Streets when she was knocked down allegedly, she could not remember. When asked if she knew "Debra 'Black Gail' Thomas", she admitted that she did not know her. When asked if she knew "Debra 'Black Gail' Thomas" standing on 12th & Parrish Street prior to being knocked off her bike or afterwards, and she stated that she did not see her and that nothing on the corners of 12th & Parrish Street was obstructing her view from seeing all four (4) corners clearly. Nevertheless, "Debra 'Black Gail' Thomas" had testified to being on the corner of 12th & Parrish Street flirting with cars as they drove by proceeding in a southernly direction, and seeing "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" come from out of "Judith Jackson" apartment building and sit in his car which was parked at 12th & Parrish Street for about five (5) minutes and then three (3) males came running out of the projects and entered his vehicle and he drove off from 12th & Parrish Street in a fast pace. That she knew "Tyrina Thompson" and she did not see "Tyrina Thompson" on her bike speaking with a male acquaintance on the corner of 12th & Parrish Street, and there was nothing obstructing her view of either of the four (4) corners of the intersection. They were both prosecution witnesses.

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" could not have been sitting in his car at the corner of 12th & Parrish Street for about five (5) minutes and knock "Tyrina Thompson" down while running if he was sitting in his car as alleged. And nor could his car be at the top of 13th & Parrish where it is alleged that he ran to and jumped into and pulled off erratically by "Tyrina Thompson" after knocking her down and dropping a big silver gun, if "Debra 'Black Gail' Thomas" has "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" sitting in his car at 12th & Parrish Street five (5) minutes before the three (3) males came running out of the projects with guns in their hand and undisturbed from knocking anyone down at the corner of 12th & Parrish Street as they jumped into "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" car as it is alleged.

     Someone is lying!! We have already shown "Debra 'Black Gail' Thomas", another of the prosecution witnesses to be a liar and a professional witness for the prosecutor, if we just used "Tyrina Thompson" trial testimony to impeach her testimony with. "Tyrina Thompson" is a proven liar by her trial testimony of her only taking blood pressure medication only, when the Doctors have testified that, based upon their professional medical opinion, she was an alcoholic and a substance abuser. Furthermore, how could two (2) people be standing on a corner of an intersection with nothing obscuring their vision of either of the four (4) corners of the intersection and not see each other or witness what the other claims occurred and they know each other very well?

     The answer is, "BECAUSE THEY WERE BOTH LIARS AND MANUFACTURED TESTIMONY AGAINST "ISAIAH 'BUTTON' GIVENS" FOR INCENTIVE" (Tyrina Thompson was transferred to another housing project) as oppose to telling the truth, which was that she witnessed nothing and lied on "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" and used the incident in an attempt to enhance the quality of her and her children's life. She thought that she was going to receive one of the many city-owned homes which Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King had issued to a couple prosecution witnesses, but she didn't get anything but another unit in another drug infested projects.

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" innocence is so clear that we have no choice but to support him and to show the world the injustice he received at the behest of Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King and the Philadelphia Homicide Division. Your support is needed to bring this to the attention of the world and the civil rights violations by these city government agencies to the United States Department of Justice for investigation and criminal charges to be brought upon city officiials for this unjustly act of injustice upon "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" for over two (2) decades of imprisonment as an innocent man falsely accused and unjustly convicted.