Was a witness for the prosecution. her trial testimony was that:

     During the evening of August 26, 1982, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" drove up to the front of her residence located at 11th & Thompson Streets, while she was sitting on her front steps, and summoned her to get into his car. That at that time, he informed her that if anyone asked her, that he was with her when the shooting happened. That "Vincent 'Vinnie' Edwards" was not in the car with "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" as other's are claiming. That "Vincent 'Vinnie' Edwards" was sitting on the steps with her when "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" drove up. That she told "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" attorney that she would not lie for him when the attorney asked her to lie and say that he was at her residence before the shooting. She further testified that "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" came to her residence after all the police cars with their sirens on were bucking traffic and proceeding down 11th Street off of Girard Avenue in a southern direction.

     "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" gave her statement to investigating detectives during jury selection while visiting the courtroom. However, "William 'Pumpkin' Thomas" testified that he drove his moped through the shooting and when he drove down to 11th & Thompson Street, he informed Lynn 'Effie' McFadden, Vincent 'Vinnie' Edwards, and Isaiah 'Button' Givens that he almost got shot driving through the shooting.

     Evenmoreso, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens had no intention of using "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" as an alibi witness. "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" knew without a shadow of a doubt that he had not participated in any shooting and that on the day in question and time, he had encountered a number of individuals while driving in his car in and around the area of Richard Allen Homes Projects with "Vincent 'Vinnie' Edwards" as his passenger and the many individuals he came upon while driving.

     That, he had visited the home of the late "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" who was a community activist, in an attempt to get her to have a boxing application photo copied so that he could attempt to start a boxing program inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects, in which he would seek Mrs. Williams' assistance in helping him to acquire usage of the top floor of the Richard Allen Homes Project Community Center.

     That, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" did not learn until later that evening that at the time when he was leaving the "Williams Family" residence at 12th & Wallace Streets and the phone was ringing as he left out of his door and drove off in his car, that "Mrs. Williams" was trying to get his attention to keep him from driving over to the projects because the telephone call was informing her of the shooting which was occuring or had just occured.

     Although at trial, Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King attempted to make it seem that "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" was a friend of the mother of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" and that was the reason why she was testifying on behalf of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens". Yet, "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" was "a friend of the entire West Poplar Community" in which the entire Richard Allen Homes Projects Community can atest to even today. She was an advocate for her community and fought diligently for her community. She was against the selling of drugs and anyone who sold drugs in the community. That days later after the August 26, 1982 shooting, she informed PHA officials, when the name of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was mentioned as being involved with the shooting, that he wasn't involved because he was at her residence and she received a telephone call about the shooting occurring as he was getting in his car driving away from her home, as she watched him drive in an eastern direction down Wallace Street headed towards 10th Street. (See: Exhibit 8-A-Alibi Offered For Allen Defendant, Thursday, April 14, 1983, Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Article, Page 6-B).

     It should also be noted that, "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" had a child by one of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" co-defendants. That, prior to trial, she was in the lobby of the Philadelphia Detention Center County Prison, when she encountered "Judith Jackson" who had came to visit "Isaiah 'Button' Givens". "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" asked "Judith Jackson" to inform "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" to "stop telling people that she performed oral sex upon him for a pair of jeans!"

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was devastated upon "Judith Jackson" informing him of such during their visit, because he always considered "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" as a 'sister figure' in his life based upon the closeness of their relationship. "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" had given birth to a second (2nd) child which was a daughter, by another individual other than the son she had given birth to by one (1) of his co-defendants. "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" was unemployed and her infant daughter father was not giving her any financial support. "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" often times gave "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" financial assistance for the purchase of milk and pampers for her infant daughter because "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" was without financial means of support. He also stated that he "never had any type of sexual relationship or encounter with "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" at any time, and such was never even a consideration at anytime, because of the closeness of their friendship which he considered to be genuine. That he has never paid for sex of any kind, and if he had a pair of jeans which "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" had wanted or needed, that she could have gotten such from him without any sexual favors. That she knew this as well as he did. That he would have turned down any sexual advances that "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" made towards him if she had, which she never did, and she never performed any sex upon him and he never engaged into any sexual act with her. That if she would have gotten in contact with him, he would have advised her of such to have eliminated her from perjuring herself on the stand under oath.

     Although "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" expired on November 23, 2004, her credit to this world as a community activist is as follows:

  • President of the Parent Council & she sat on the Board of the Statewide Parents Over-site Committee
  • President of the Home & School Association at the Elementary, Junior High & High School level at the schools each of her four (4) sons attended
  • Representative of the North Philadelphia Parents Union
  • President of the Richard Allen Tenant Council
  • President of Crisis Intervention Parent Council
  • An active member of Welfare Rights
  • Co-Chair of the Children & Youth Commission under then Mayor Wilson Goode
  • A member of the Community Legal Service Consumer Board
  • Chair of Operation Kinship under the Philadelphia Board of Education Board of the Anti-Graffiti Network under Tim Spencer
  • Chair of the Youth Aid Panel
  • National Finance Chair & Office Manager of the "Million Woman March", in which in 1995, she played an active part in the organizing of 2.5 million women coming together in the Name of Woman & Sisterhood, hosted in the City of Philadelphia
  • President, West Poplar Advisory Committee
  • At the time of her expiration, she was the President CEO, of the North Philadelphia Human Service Development Corporation.

(See: Exhibit 8-B-D. Nadirah Obituary)

     All of the above, is just the names of 'a few' organizations "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" was involved in as a "Community & Human Activist".

     Do you believe that "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" would put her good name and overwhelming "INTEGRITY" into the promotion of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" innocence and testifying in his behalf at his trial in regards to her receiving a telephone call informing her of the shooting as "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was driving away from her residence, whom she watched out of her door in an attempt to get his attention to inform him of the shooting and to not go into said area of the shooting if he was a guilty man? Is there anyone upon this earth, who can say that "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" ever misled them or lied to them? There is no one who can come forth and atest to this woman's integrity to being anything other than "Outstanding".

     "Dianell 'Nadirah' Williams" would not lie for "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" or anyone else. If you were wrong, she was the first one to tell you. If you were right, she was the first one to commend you.

     By the way, after the trial testimony of "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden", she was assisted by Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King, the person whom she went to to give her statement to while in the courtroom during jury selection in this trial in acquiring a public housing unit inside of the Cambridge Mall Housing Plaza Highrise Building on North 10th Street.

     "Lynn 'Effie' McFadden" trial testimony for the prosecution, was perjury committed out of shear emotions pursuant to a false and malicious rumor which had been placed upon her name, and although spurned by such ridiculous, untrue rumor of her performing oral sex upon the persons of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was untrue, which she and he both knew, such brought about an emotional catastrophe, and in her revenge, she perjured herself in an attempt to get back at "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" and to take advantage of the opportunity which was being presented by Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King and acquire public housing for her and her children, since she was living with her father, whose residence had became too small living quarters for her and her two (2) children.

     Support the innocence of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", if you have any compassion in your heart and souls, for he is truly a man who has been falsely accused and unjustly convicted by manufactured testimony at the hands of Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King.