Was a witness for the prosecution. Her testimony was as follows:

     That on the night of August 26, 1982, she received a telephone call from "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" while she was at the Central Detective Division. The nature of the telphone call was that "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" wanted to know if he was wanted as one of the persons involved in the shooting earlier that evening inside of "Richard Allen Homes Projects" and that he informed her of who was actually involved after she informed him that he was not wanted as a suspect in the shooting, and that he had been her informant.

     This was very critical testimony against "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" and as he explains, and was an 'Alice in Wonderland' story foretold way beyond anything he could ever imagine.

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" has informed us, that, what was never brought out in court was that, he didn't even know this lady and/or Detective Mary Quinn and that he certainly never telephoned her inquiring whether he was a suspect or not during the night of August 26, 1982, and never was an informant for her or nayone else and that this female Detective could not tell anyone what information he had given her previuosly in regards to anything, because he only spsoke to this female once prior to the August 26, 1982 shooting at Richard Allen Homes Projects.

     That, either during the last week of July or during the first weekend of August 1982, at or about 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, while he (Isaiah 'Button' Givens) was preparing for his morning run, there was a knock at the door of his family residence which was very odd at that time of the morning. "Judith Jackson" was also sitting in the living room of the Givens Family residence and she answered the door. At the door was a white male and a white female who identified themselves as Detectives witha warrant and "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" informed Ms. Jackson to allow them entry into the premises.

     Once the detectives entered the residence, they announced who they were and the nature of their business there at that time, which was to serve an arrest warrant for "Icealinda Givens" for an assault, in which there was a fight between her (Icealinda Givens) and an adult who was spurned and had pressed charges against "Icealinda Givens" because she had gotten the best of her.

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" informed both Detectives that his sister was not home presently, and that the family would contact their family attorney for "Icealinda Givens" to surrender herself the next day, since she was a juvenile, she would be processed and released.

     Both detectives took the opportunity to speak with "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" while in the presence of "Judith Jackson". They informed "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" that they would like to interview him in regards to guns and other matters. That they had just left one of the residence which he frequents and is known to frequent and there was nothing at the residence which acknowledged that he frequented the residence, but their informants have advised them that he lives there and not at 1034 Cambridge Mall which was the residence they were speaking with him at.

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" informed both detectives after they divulged that they had just searched his other residence at 1101-C Parrish Place, that the residence which they had just searched for his sister "Icealinda Givens" has been the residence of his family since 1946, and that his fiance' "Sabrina Hall" now resided at that residence. That, his sister "Icealinda Givens" probably used the address as an 'emergency contact' address because his grandmother "Naomi Cain" had just moved from the residence not long ago. That, he had nothing to discuss with either detective about anything and politely handed both of them business cards of his family attorney, and informed them at that time that if they wished to speak with him, they needed to contact said attorney concerning such. He then asked them if the nature of their business was fulfilled, would they please leave his family residence, which they did without searching the residence for "Icealinda Givens" who was upstairs asleep at that time.

     After further stretching, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" headed off for his morning run, from his family residence to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, across the bridge to the Jersey side and back over the bridge and back to his family residence.

     "Judith Jackson" informed "Joy Givens" the mother of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" of the early morning visit by the detectives with the arrest warrant for "Icealinda Givens", and she contacted the family attorney who contacted the detectives and arranged for "Icealinda Givens" to surrender the next day, which would be on a Monday.

     The following morning at or about 6:00 a.m., the same detectives appeared at the Givens Family residence along with two police officers with a warrant for the arrest of "Icealinda Givens". "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" and his mother informed the detectives that the family attorney had made arrangements with them the prior day for the surrender of "Icealinda Givens" at or about 1:00 p.m. today, and there was no need for such a spectacle of handcuffing "Icealinda Givens" and parading her to a police wagon for arrest. The female detective explained that, there was no was that the Givens family should have a family attorney living in a public housing residence and that she was serving this warrant and locking up "Icealinda Givens" and that was that.

     Instead of processing "Icealinda Givens" as a 'juvenile', which she was, the male and female detectives processed her as an 'adult' to spurn the Givens family, and it took two (2) to three (3) days to get "Icealinda Givens" out of jail because of this mishap.

     The day after "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" preliminary hearing in regards to the August 26, 1982 Richard Allen Shooting, which he was bounded over for trial regarding, he was awaken by correctional officers at or about 5:30 a.m. for court while he was being housed at the Philadelphia Detention Center County Prison. When "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" inquired as to what courtroom was he scheduled to appear at, he was informed that he was going to the "P.A.B." When "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" inquired to what was the "P.A.B.", he was informed that he was scheduled to appear at the "Police Administration Building" located at 8th and Race Streets.

     Later that morning, two (2) uniformed Philadelphia Police Officers appeared at the Philadelphia Detention Center and handcuffed "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", loaded him into a police wagon, and drove off. When the police wagon finally stopped and he was taken out of the wagon, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" noticed that he was at 20th & Pennsylvania Avenue, which was the office of the 20th Police District and the Central Detective Division.

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was lead upstairs to the Central Detective Division by the police officers, and brought directly to the desk of the female detective who had arrested his sister that morning and whom he became to learn the name of her as being "Detective Mary Quinn".

     "Detective Mary Quinn" then attempted to befriend "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" by informing him that her street sources had informed her that he was not at the shooting and could help him get out and get away from receiving the death penalty for a crime which he did not commit, if he would help her, by giving a statement about his co-defendants being involved in the shooting, and about other unsolved crimes and murders inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects which she knew that he had information concerning. "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" declined her many attempts to have him sign any statement or give information on anyone concerning anything because he continued to state that he knew nothing about the doings going on inside of the projects. That  he was trying to get acceptance into the Olympic Training Camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a boxer to try and make the 1984 Olympic Boxing Team which he had aspirations upon.

     "Detective Mary Quinn" became so enraged that she placed "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" into a back cell in which he sat for an enormous amount of time, until she appeared and unlocked the cell and told him to follow her. She escorted him to a back office and announced to two (2) plain clothes detectives, "I present to you "Mr. Button", the hardest man to arrest in Richard Allen Projects." The detectives introduced themselves as Detective Koymeyer and Detective Romano of the Major Crimes Unit. That they have received information from everyone whom they have arrested from the Projects and in Center City that "Button" is the man. That 'Button' receives a break down from each robbery which goes down in and around Richard Allen Projects and 'Button' has all the guns and all the robberies which occur are committed with one of 'Button's' arsenal of weapons. They informed "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" that they could help him from getting the death penalty if he signed a statement which they had already prepared, which stated that he was at the shooting along withi his co-defendants, and they wanted to know where the arsenal of weapons he had were hidden at? "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" declined to sign the statement and informed said detectives that he didn't have an arsenal of weapons and never received any money from any robber from anyone. The detectives then took "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" into a further back room and the bigger detective handcuffed him to the metal chair and withdrew a gun from an ankle holster, cocked the gun and stuck it to the head of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" and informed him that if he did not sign the statement that he was going to blow his brains out and say that he snuck the gun into the police station and committed suicide. "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" still refused to sign the statement through out the physical and mental abuse at the hands of Detectives Koymeyer and Romano.

     "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was transported back to the Philadelphia Detention Center County Prison, but, this same treatment went on about six (6) to eight (8) more times, in which he was transported to the Major Crimes Unit inside of the Central Detective Division at 20th & Pennsylvania and the same treatment ensued and "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" endured the treatment by Detectives Koymeyer & Romano.

     On one particular Tuesday, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was transported back to the Philadelphia Detention Center County Prison from the Major Crime Unit, and his fiance' at that time was able to visit him during her weekly Tuesday visit. "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" informed "Sabrina Hall", his then fiance', to contact his attorney and tell him of the mental and physical abuse he was being subjected to at the hands of Detectives Koymeyer & Romano of the Major Crime Unit of the Central Detective Division.

     On October 12, 1982, "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" attorney filed a "Motion To Order the Commonwealth (Detectives Koymeyer & Romano) To Cease Third Degree Methods", and a hearing was held before the Honorable Judge Paul Ribner.

    While "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" attorney was presenting the facts of the third degree tactics which were being placed upon him to the Honorable Judge Ribner, a member of the Major Crime Unit sitting in the audience, jumped up and interrupted the hearing and stated as follows:

     Your Honor, our investigation of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" has produced this, and this Detective produced some sort of machine gun which he held in the air, and further stated that this weapon was removed from the Givens Family residence at 1043 Cambridge Mall!

     At that time, "Joy Givens", the mother of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" who was in attendance at this same hearing, shouted out, "That's a lie! Nothing, especially no guns or drugs or any contraband has ever been removed from out home, and we do not live at 1043 Cambridge Mall. We live at 1034 Cambridge Mall, and you sure didn't take that out of my house because if you say that you did, you are lying!"

     Judge Ribner requested identification from "Joy Givens" of proof of residency, which she supplied to the court at that time. After examining the identification and proof of residency, and that the Givens family address was 1034 Cambridge mall, and not 1043 Cambridge Mall, from where this weapon was alleged to have been removed from, and that there is no evidence that "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" had any affiliation with anyone of that residence, the "Motion To Order The Commonwealth to Cease Third Degree Methods" was granted by Judge Ribner and the Philadelphia Police Department as a whole were ordered to speak with the attorney of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" first in reqards to speaking with "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" from that point on, which meant that they could no longer harass or physically or mentally abuse "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" any longer, which they no longer made an attempt to do.

     Instead, once some of the discover was completed upon request by "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" attorney, a statement then appeared amongst the packet of discovery material from a "Detective Mary Quinn" stating that "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" called her during the late evening of August 26, 1982, requesting to learn if he was a suspect in the earlier shooting inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects, and that he informed her who was involved. This, in and of itself, was a revenge tactic of "Pay-back" for getting a restraining order against the 'Major Crime Unit of the Central Detective Division' and embarrasing them in which they were not expecting for the mother of "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" to be in attendance at said hearing when they attempted to put on the show with the weapon which they produced to be challenged by "Isaiah 'Button' Givens", because "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" could not produce any identification of residency at said hearing himself, because he was in custody, and it was never known that a residency identification would be needed for presentation at that hearing, because no one was aware that a 'machine gun' of some sort would be produced and "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" would be associated with the ownership of said weapon or that this weapon would be claimed to have been abstracted from his family residence.

     Detective Mary Quinn lied on "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" at trial. She never proved how or when "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" even had her number or what he had given her information concerning previously or how they had even became upon any terms of him being her informant. Furthermore, she was in attendance at the hearing before Judge Ribner pursuant to the restraining order which was issued against her and her unit, which she did not acknowledge or discuss during the trial, and "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" trial attorney who was the attorney who had filed the motion against her and her unit, did not even question her about the egregious tactics at the hands of her and her fellow officers against "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" in an attempt to have him to turn against his co-defendants and give other information which he declined to do under the most stressful of situations presented to him by these officers, who were violating his civil rights.

     A review of Exhibit 7-A of this web site will show the Official Docket Entries for the Court Administration Office of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia for "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" in which the entry of Document-2 (DOC) dated 10-12-82 is of the "Motion To Order The Commonwealth To Cease Third Degree Methods" to stop the Police Detectives from their physical and mental assault upon him which occured on six (6) to eight (8) different occassions, and "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" did not break or do what they wanted him to do, which was to sign already made-up statements about his co-defendants committing this crime in an attempt to save himself, because he had no first hand knowledge of who committed this crime and he was not going to lie on anyone just to blame someone for the sake of the police. He kept his mouth shut and endured the pains as a man does who is innocent.

     Once again, even more proof of the depth and extents that the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office aka Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King and the Philadelphia Police Department went to insure that a manufactured conviction was obtained for "Isaiah 'Button' Givens".

     If there was ever a protocol case in this country which the United States Department of Justice needed to investigate and indict City Officials for civil rights violation for the falsely accusing and unjustly conviction of an innocent man, then the case of "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Isaiah 'Button' Givens" is the protocol case in which a grand jury should be summoned and indictments should be issued by the United States Government against Philadelphia Assitant District Attorney Roger E. King, Philadelphia Homicide Detective Michael Bittenbender, Major Crime Unit Detectives of the Central Detective Division, Detective Koymeyer, Detective Romano and Detective Mary Quinn, for civil rights violations and perjury upon "Isaiah 'Button' Givens".