On March 1, 1983, Gurene Ford, mother of "Latifa Ford" who was nine (9) years then, appeared on the seventh (7th) floor interview room of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office and "Latifa" gave a statement to interviewing Philadelphia Homicide Detective Douglas Culbreth, concerning what she (Latifa Ford) witnessed in regards to the incident which occured on August 26, 1982 inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects.

     On Tuesday, March 22, 1983, Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King presented "Latifa Ford" as a witness for the prosecution, based upon her statement to investigating homicide detectives on March 1, 1983.

     Latifa Ford trial testimony was that:

     "She had went to the hot dog stand at the corner of 11th & Brown Street to purchase a hot dog. She heard shots and the lady at the hot dog stand told her to run. That she began running northernly down 11th & Parrish Street and turned into the archway off of 11th Street between Brown & Parrish Streets, and as soon as she entered the archway, she was knocked down by a man who was looking back while running while he was putting a gun into his pocket, and she seen half of his face. She identified "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" as being the man who knocked her down. Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King asked Latifa if she could get down off the stand and go over and point to "Isaiah 'Button' Givens". Latifa declined to do such because she was scared." (See: Exhibit 2-A Philadelphia Daily News Article of Wednesday, March 23, 1983, Page 6)

     However, prior to "Latifa Ford" trial testimony, Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King presented "Diane Hopkins" as a prosecution witness. She gave her statement to Philadelphia Homicide Detective Douglas Culbreth on August 27, 1982, after coming home from work, and her trial testimony was as follows:

     On August 26, 1982, after getting off of work, she visited the home of "Guren Ford" at 807 Warnock Place, but "Guren Ford" was not home. She heard about ten (10) gunshots, and looked out of the window to summon "Guren Ford's" children to come into the house, when she seen "Latifa Ford" standing in the archway and three (3) guys run over her (Latifa). She noticed who the guys were and she said, "thre go the mother-fuckers right there." That she knew that "Guren Ford" was not home and inside of a home at 800 Warnock Place. When the police came and asked everyone if they seen anything or the persons responsible, she said, "yeah, I seen the mother-fuckers. I know all of them." Then she walked away. She walked away because she didn't want to tell the police right then who she saw, because she did not want anyone to tell that she gave up any information. She seen a cop car parked on 11th & Brown Street when she came from work the next day, and she asked them who could she tell what happened. At that point she was escorted by the Police Civil Affairs Unit to be interviewed. While being interviewed, she identified the individuals who she knew that ran into the archway and had knocked down "Latifa Ford". None of the individuals whom "Diane Hopkins" names was "Isaiah 'Button' Givens". She reiterated the same to the jury at trial, that she did not see "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" before, during or after the shooting or as one of the three (3) men whom she seen run into the archway and knock down "Latifa Ford". (See: Exhibit 2-B-Diana Hopkins Statement to Police Dated August 27, 1982)

     Why did "Gurene Ford" wait almost seven (7) months to take her daughter "Latifa Ford" to the police to tell them what she seen on August 26, 1982? Did "Guren Ford" take seven (7) months to coerce her daughter "Latifa Ford" into saying that "Button" knocked her down and she seen half of his face while he was looking back while putting a gun into his pocket? Who do you believe, a nine (9) year old child who gave her statement seven months after the fact, or a twenty (20) year old female, who watched the three (3) alleged perpetrators run into the archway and watched them knock down "Latifa Ford", and she informed the authorities the next day after the shooting, because she didn't want the crowd of individuals the day of the shooting to know she had informed the authorities of what she seen and named the individuals who had knocked down "Latifa Ford", in which "Isaiah 'Button' Givens" was not amongst this group of individuals who she seen run over "Latifa Ford" in the archway?

     Well, why would a little girl lie? Perhaps because her mother "Gurene Ford" is a liar and taught her daughter to lie. If you review "Exhibit 1-B Friday, August 27, 1982 Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper on Page 12-A, Second column-top paragraph" you will read that "Guren Ford" was interviewed during the evening of the August 26, 1982 shooting inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects, in which it reads:

    "Gurene Ford, the mother of Nassar Ford, told a reporter she was sitting in the living room of her apartment when she heard the gunshots."

     Let's look back at the statement of "Diane Hopkins" dated Friday, August 27, 1982 listed as "Exhibit 2-B at pages 1 & 2". Diane Hopkins says at the bottom paragraph of Page 1 that:

     "Yesterday, about 7:30 or 8 at night, I was inside of 807-C Warnock Place, with a friend, by the name of Millicence Baddee. We were inside the home of 'Gurene Ford', but 'SHE WAS NOT HOME'....."

    On Page 2 of this exhibit (Diane Hopkins Statement) in the middle of the page it goes on to read:

     "....I knew 'Gurene' was inside 800 Warnock Place. I saw Guren come out while I was running towards the house."

     If "Diane Hopkins" was inside of 'Gurene Ford's' house at 807-C Warnock Place when the incident was occurring and calling her children inside, and she (Diane Hopkins) knew 'Gurene Ford' was inside of 800 Warnock Place and seen 'Gurene Ford' come out of 800 Warnock Place moments after the incident, then why would 'Gurene Ford' tell a Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Reporter later that evening that she was sitting in the living room of her home when she first heard shooting? Why lie about being home when you heard the event occurring if you weren't home? (See: Exhibit 2-C Phildelphia Inquirer Newspaper Article, Page 12-A, Friday, August 27, 1982)

     One of the worlds leading psychologist Dr. Paiget, whose specialty in the field of psychology is or was of "Developmental Psychology of Children" as well as majority of psychologist in America today, will tell you that 'children's minds can easily be influenced and manipulated by adults, especially by their parents."

      It should also be noted that, "Latifa Ford" gave her statements to investigating police on March 1, 1983, almost seven (7) months after the incident, and she testified on March 23, 1983. Between March 1, 1983 and March 22, 1983, "Gurene Ford" was given a city owned home by Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King and his entourage, under the gist of being "relocated". The home is in the south Philly which she received. Why was she relocated if the real killers were suppose to have been already apprehended and there was no one to harass her, since her daughter had not become a witness for the prosecution team officially until March 1983, and no one was harassing her prior to March, why would someone harass her or her family if she was doind her civic duties? Because, "Gurene Ford" used her daughter "Latifa Ford" under circumstances and power to dictate one's will.

     Isaiah 'Button' Givens didn't knock "Latifa Ford" down in the archway on August 26, 1982 inside of Richard Allen Homes Projects while fleeing from the shooting, because he wasn't there and "Latifa Ford" was coerced for seven (7) months until "Gurene Ford" felt comfortable that "Latifa Ford" would get the story right, and then she (Gurene) took her daughter to the authorities to enable her to claim her prize, which was a city owned home, which Assistant District Attorney Roger E. King was offering as an incentive to anyone who was willing to come forth and testify for the prosecution.

     Isaiah 'Button' Givens is an innocent man who was falsely accused and unjustly convicted.